Private Docker Registry


I have been using docker containers for a while and quite amazed by its simplicity and power. Someday in the previous week when I was migrating/re-deploying my pleroma instance from my SurfaceGo ubuntu machine to my home lab, I found I need more private repos on docker hub. Docker hub by default only provides 1 private repo for normal users, which is clearly not what I want. So I decided to build my own docker registry and deploy it as a service in my home lab machine.



MLOps is an ML engineering culture and practice that aims at unifying ML system development (Dev) and ML system operations (Ops).

MLOps is the natural progression of DevOps in the context of AI… and emphasizes consistent and smooth development of models and their scalability.

In simple words, MLOps refers to applying DevOps principles to ML systems.

Use Travis CI for Jekyll site generation


I have been using Jekyll for my homepage site generation for months and I’m happy with it. Usually my workflow for posting a new page involves:

Ansible 101


This post was supposed to discuss Ansible as the next primer series. However, I found Jeff’s posts and YouTube videos much better than what I would achive via a plain post. So definitely checkout Ansible 101 by Jeff Geerling. I also recommend purchase the eBook for further reading and as a reference manual for common tasks. Thank you.

Bazel Primer

Introduction 1

Bazel is an open-source build/test framework similar to Maven, Make, and Gradle.

It features:

  • Human-readable, high-level build language
  • Fast and reliable via caching
  • Scalable
  • Extensible for other language or framework

This post is a reading notes about the official documentation on Bazel version 3.4.0. You can skip these intros and jump directly to the sample repo to get started.