Boost.Log Primer

Boost Log 1

Prepare the namespace aliases

namespace logging = boost::log;
namespace sinks = boost::log::sinks;
namespace src = boost::log::sources;
namespace expr = boost::log::expressions;
namespace attrs = boost::log::attributes;
namespace keywords = boost::log::keywords;

GoogleTest Primer

GoogleTest 1 Primer (gtest)

What is GoogleTest

Googletest is a testing framework to help write better C++ code

  • supports any kind of tests, not just unit tests
  • based on the popular xUnit (e.g. JUnit, PyUnit) architecture

Talk UI: A Multi-Modal, Conversational Interface for UI Prototyping


Hongyi Zhang, Mengxin Cao, Ron Chew



UI designers have long been sketching to realize the interfaces they have in mind for prototyping. However, there is still much that can be done to make designers’ life easier. Current UI design tools are time-consuming and repetitive: drawing sets of graphics and widgets, then specifying their interactions and behaviors often requires a large effort in code and configuration for small results. The iteration process cannot catch up with the speed the designer’s minds are operating at.

Apache Hadoop YARN: Yet Another Resource Negotiator



Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli, Arun C Murthy, Chris Douglas, Sharad Agarwal, Mahadev Konar, Robert Evans, Thomas Graves, Jason Lowe, Hitesh Shah, Siddharth Seth, Bikas Saha, Carlo Curino, Owen O’Malley, Sanjay Radia, Benjamin Reed, Eric Baldeschwieler

VMware Distributed Resource Management: Design, Implementation, and Lessons Learned



Ajay Gulati, Anne Holler, Minwen Ji, Ganesha Shanmuganathan, Carl Waldspurger, Xiaoyun Zhu